HarshJelly V2.2 Rom for Samsung Galaxy S Advance[I9070]

Hello Guyzz!! Thanx for your Such a Big Response of You'll by Downloading our OWN ANDROID APP and Visiting our Pages with such A GREAT PLEASURE!! As You all Know the Google Android Market is Healing up With the Latest Updates and all the Crackers are in A need to Make their Device Function more Faster and Smoother and Make Feel all other Users Jeolous.. So Here I am with Another Awesome Rom for Our Samsung Galaxy S Advance Users Created on Xda-Developers by Harsh and awesome tweeks over Which was the Best Part.. So Now I Come over For you How to Upgrade this Rom on Your Samsung Galaxy S Advance by not Adding any Further Links to it.. ;)


  • Deodexed
  • Pre-rooted with latest SuperSU
  • Debloated
  • Zipaligned
  • Removed stock File Browser and added Root Browser
  • build.proper tweaks
  • Added CPU settings in settings
  • AOSP Lockscreen toggler with 5 icons and stock lockscreen with 4 icons
  • Changed initial settings for first boot. (on the first boot phone will be in Airplane Mode to disable mobile data, because my carrier was charging me high just for connecting.You can turn it off)
  • Added zalignx and vac commands
  • Disabled apk signature verification
  • CRT-OFF animation (only supported on cocore kernel)
  • Added Terminal Emulater
  • Added bash and nano.bash is now default for terminal emulater
  • init.d scripts to enhance performance
  • Ink Effect Mod
  • Optimized Scrolling
  • Updated all the apps
  • Disabled Edge Zoom in browser
  • Long Press Back to kill APP (say good bye to non responding apps)
  • Disabled Ascending Ringtone
  • Uses sammy's crappy preload partition for storing system apps. (only core apps are in /system/app else all are moved to /preload.223MB free space in /system.Please back up your /preload partition before flashing this ROM because it'll be formatted.This is not necessary but still recommended)
  • Modified TW Launcher
  • Host file for adblocking
  • Stereo Recording
  • Exteneded Power Menu
  • Information Ticker
  • Enabled Call Recording Feature
  • Various Customization options available under HarshJelly Tweaker
  • Read changelog below
      • .....And Much More 

Screenshot 2013 06 28 09 10 44 Screenshot 2013 06 28 16 44 47 
Screenshot 2013 06 28 09 11 26 Screenshot 2013 09 05 12 00 47 
Screenshot 2013 06 17 19 01 55 Screenshot 2013 08 25 13 18 08 
Screenshot 2013 08 03 17 32 41 Screenshot 2013 06 30 09 25 55 
Screenshot 2013 06 28 16 44 08 Screenshot 2013 06 28 16 44 36


[So Here am I with for the one You waiting For and Scrolling too.. Now I'll give u a perfect Way to Flash this Custom Rom... You would be Thinking this one Would be as Same as the one which Normally others are but not Like it Now.!! This One is Quite Different from Others.]  

1.Copy the HarshJelly Rom V2.0.zip files to your SD card. [Note:- Not In Any Folder] 

2. Turn off your phone and boot to Recovery Mode by pressing these buttons: Volume UP + Home + Power Button. In Recovery you can't use the touch screen ..Can Operate only through these buttons.
Volume up: Navigating UP  
Volume down: Navigating Down 
Home: Enter  
Power: Back

3. Navigate through Volume Up and Down:- 
i. Factory Data Reset 
ii. Clear Dalvik Cache Partition  
4. After Data Wipe and Dalvik Cache move to install zip from SD Card, then choose Update from SD and navigate to HarshJelly Rom V2.0.zip and Press the Home Button  
5. Wait until the installation ends. 
6. The first boot can take a long time.   
7. After Phone Gets Switched On.. complete the Formalities asked by the Phone.. Set Up Your Language and Now you are with the one of the Latest and Fastest custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy S Advance which no one could ever Dream Of Too...  

[Before completing the formalities is it advised to reboot the phone to avoid being Laggy to your device. And Your first reboot will take time so please be patient over..] 


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