Eve V1.21 The One N Only Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y[GT-S5360]

 Hello Guyzz!! Thanx for your Such a Big Response of You'll by Downloading our OWN ANDROID APP and Visiting our Pages with such A GREAT PLEASURE!! Here I am with Another Rom for Our Samsung Galaxy Y Users and with such an Awesome Rom Created on by Xda-Developer and awesome tweeks over Which was the Best Part.. So Now I Come over For you How to Upgrade this Rom on Your Samsung Galaxy Y by not Adding any Further Links to it..

As I Know you would like to updrade always a new custom rom and make your Device Appear more attractive in Front of other Guyz having a budget of more Price than yours and make them feel Jeolous.. So I am here with the Eve Version 1 The One and Only Rom for Samsung Galaxy Y Users[GT-S5360] 

Feautures found Over:-

  • Overclocked up to 1,2GHz - dont know its working or not
  • ext2 support - untested
  • ext3 support - untested
  • ext4 support
  • swapon support
  • zram support
  • cifs support
  • vvpn support
  • firewall/Netfilter support
  • prerooted
  • busybox
  • apk replacer
  • bootanimation installer - include bootsound
  • font installer
  • libs installer
  • init.d scripts installer
  • autobackup apk replacer
  • autocreate CWM zip for restore apk replacer

  • County Features:- 
    • hotplug
    • wheatley
    • smoothass
    • smartassV2
    • smartass
    • scary
    • savagedzen
    • ondemandx
    • minmax
    • lulzactive
    • lazy
    • lagfree
    • interactivex
    • interactive
    • intellidemand
    • brazillianwax
    • conservative
    • ondemand
    • userspace
    • powersave
    • bcm21553
    • lionheart
    • performance



    [So Here am I with for the one You waiting For and Scrolling too.. Now I'll give u a perfect Way to Flash this Custom Rom... You would be Thinking this one Would be as Same as the one which Normally others are but not Like it Now.!! This One is Quite Different from Others.]

     [First of All you Require to Root Your Device to avoid administrational setting.. If you don't know to Root CLICK HERE!!! If you have already Rooted.. Proceed Further]

    • put the rom zip and CWM on your sdcard
    • reboot to recovery mode, do wipe data and wipe cache, then apply update from sdcard and install CWM, then do a wipe data and wipe cache again on CWM
    • choose 'install zip from sd' and install rom zip (eve.121_4-rom.zip) wait for a while
    • amarullz aroma installer will appear, press next, check "agreement" then press next, next, next
    • select "Nusbol ciyus enelan cumpah 121_4"(KERNEL) - this is flashing of kernel with ext4 file system on /system, /data n /cache - and then press next.
    • Do not check "Bootloop abis install"(=Reboot after instalation) , just press next and Kernel will start installing, wait until it finishes then press next, then press finish. amarullz installer will close and back to CWM.
    • press back - ignore mount /cache failed if appears - , but dont reboot system now, go to advanced and select reboot recovery. then your device will reboot to recovery mode
    • BootSplash will be changed that mean the kernel is installed.
    • when recovery appears, do not wipe data or cache, just flash CWM again (dont do wipe data n cache too on CWM) then install rom zip (eve.121_4-rom.zip) wait for a while.
    • amarullz aroma installer will start , press next, check "AGREEMENT'' then press next, next, next...
    • select "Embooking room"(INstall ROM) - this is flashing of eve.121_4 rom - and then press next
    • Do not check "Bootloop abis install"(Reboot after installation) , just press next and flashing Rom will be running, wait until it finishes then press next then press finish. amarullz installer will close and back to CWM
    • Press back, but Dont reboot System now, go to advanced and select reboot recovery. then your device will reboot to recovery mode
    • When recovery appears, Just select reboot system now
    • Device is booting, , its take a while, wait until Home Screen appear.. Please be patient..
    • When Home Screen Appears, then congrats, kernel n rom successfully installed, ready for setting your own device.

     After Phone Gets Switched On.. complete the Formalities asked by the Phone. and Now you are with the one of the Latest and Fastest custom Rom For Samsung Y which no one could ever Dream Of Too...   
    [Before completing the formalities is it advised to reboot the phone to avoid being Laggy to your device. And Your first reboot will take time so please be patient over..] 


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    Download Links:- 

  • CWM
  • DXMA1 fresh rom (recomended)
  • second partition of sdcard (ext2 recomended) - if you want to use apps2sd script
  • linux swap partition - if you want to use swap script
  • rom zip - Download Link
  • zram script - Download Link
  • undervolt - Download Link
  • swapon - Download Link

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