Elasys V2 for Samsung Galaxy Pocket[GT-S5300]

Hello Guyzz!! Thanx for your Such a Big Response of You'll by Downloading our OWN ANDROID APP and Visiting our Pages with such A GREAT PLEASURE!! Here I am with how to An Awesome Rom for Samsung Galaxy Pocket[GT-S5300] Users. So Guyz as You all know the SmartPhone market is Heating Up with Latest Android Version Devices and all The User wants to Show Up the Latest Tricks to Upgrade their Device and Function the SmartPhone with the Latest Fixed Up Bugs and  Awesome Features overall! So Now I Am over Here To get You an Awesome Rom  For Samsung GalaxyPocket[GT-S5300] users which I Got it From Elasys on XDA Developers Forrum.!! 

Feautures found Over:- 
  1. Pre-Rooted
  2. Pre-Deodexed
  3. Zipalign
  4. AROMA Installer
  5. New UI and animations
  6. Random bootanimation and sound
  7. New statusbar with full customize
  8. 29 Toggles in Statusbar expanded
  9. Slider Brightness on statusbar expanded
  10. 8 Extended Power Menu
  11. Mod elasys labs
  12. 3 windows on statusbar expanded
  13. More language options
  14. Add some apps
  15. 4 skins mms.apk
  16. Support RTL Arabic
  17. OTA Updater                   
  18.   ......Much more in detail


How To Flash The Rom:-

[So Here am I with for the one You waiting For and Scrolling too.. Now I'll give u a perfect Way to Flash this Custom Rom... You would be Thinking this one Would be as Same as the one which Normally others are but not Like it Now.!! This One is Quite Different from Others.]

  • If You are new To the Custom Roms or Coming From any Other Stock Rom.. You Require To Root Your Device First To Avoid any Interruption from the Android Administrational Setting... If you Don't Know How to Root your Samsung Galaxy Pocket[GT-S5300].. CLICK HERE!!! 
  • [Since You have Rooted Your Device You would be knowing how to Operate Your Device into recovery Mode... So Now lets Head Towards our Next Step.] Navigate towards.. Format Data... Clear Cache Partion...
  • After Clearing Up all the Data From Your Handset..  Navigate towards Apply Update from Sd Card and Select the Elasys V2.zip File and Press Home Button...
  • It May Take up  Few Minutes.. Please Be Patient. After the Zip is Flashed.. Select Reboot System Now..
 After Phone Gets Switched On.. complete the Formalities asked by the Phone. and Now you are with the one of  The most Amazing, Smooth and Attractive Samsung Galaxy Pocket which you Considered to Be worthless Before!! ;)
[Before completing the formalities is it advised to reboot the phone to avoid being Laggy to your device. And Your first reboot will take time so please be patient over..] 



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Anonymous said...

doesnt work for me after intallation it reboots to andriod 2.3 do you need internet??

Nihar Ratadia said...

Did you formatted/Wiped the Data and Cache Partition??

Dumisani Zakaria said...


Nihar Ratadia said...

Bro its how so not possible that the rom doesnt gets flashed! It would be however the system wouldn't have cleared the cache partition and reset data properly. Format the device three four time so that it doesnt leave any data.
Or it may be however your phone dont have minimum battery percent of 75. If it dont have so it may be possible the system aborts the flash or the file you downloaded would have got an unrecognized error. According to me you can reflash the rom with a battery charge of 75% or re-download the rom.
If the issue still persists feel free to comment! I'll personally examine the issues incurred.

Santosh Shukla said...

Hi..I have installed elasys 4.0.3 on my pocket and facing issues like it gets restarted automatically at some interval and also USB mode is not working ...please help me how can i uninstall it or any solution ??

Nihar Ratadia said...

Thanks for visiting ma blog! The problem you are facing would mignt because some download error as this rom is one with the least bugs! It would might be your PC Antivirus would have found some stuffs in the Rom file to be vulnerable and would have deleted them and that would be the reason your phone is getting restarted! How so if you want to enjoy this awsome rom.. you may disable the pc antivurus for a couble of minutes and redownload the rom or you can Search for the Stock Rom for Your Device on the Preferable Search Engines to get the phobe as you had as at the time of purchase! If you had downpoaded the rom from your cellphone it may be facing issues becahse it wouldnt have been flashed properly! Yiu can re-flash the rom with a minimium of 75% of battery charges and space in your External Sd-Card so that tge Apps in the Rom can get properly Installed!

Santosh Shukla said...

Thanks Nihar, As my USB mode is not working with elasys rom, is there a way i can flash stock rom directly from my mobile, not through PC.

Thanks in adavcance.

Nihar Ratadia said...

Bro you dont require your usb mode to work for flashing the rom! Just check whether your download mode i.e Press your Home Button + Lock Button and Volume Down Mutton all at a timeafter switching Off the Device! Download Mode will Turn on! Just connect your phone with the pc and if your pc shows a notification of connect! Then just download the required files for the stock rom recovery! Thanks for visiting Ma Blog Again! If you liked So.. You'll too can recomend your friends for a Visit to this Blog! ^_^

Santosh Shukla said...

Hi Nihar..odin on my PC does not show any notification on Pressing Home Button + Lock Button and Volume Down however on on phone, i can see the download mode.. any idea..?

Nihar Ratadia said...

Install samsung usb drivers 32bit/64bit according to your pc! It will read your device then.