Protect and Recover Your Smartphone even After Theft.

 Hey Guyz are you'll Afraid to remove your Expensive Smartphones in Public Place in a threat it will get Theft and can be Misused for Negative Effects... But Now dont worry as the Indian Department Of Communication has started that..

 If you have lost your mobile or it has been stolen then here is a very simple and effective way to get it back. Simply send an e-mail to cop@vsnl.netwith the following info:-

Your name:
Phone model:
Made By:
Last used No.:
E-mail for communication:
Missed date:

  • In Order To view Your device's IMEI No., dial *#06# From your smartphone and you will get Two 15 Digit Unique Codes of your device and that's Yor Phone's  IMEI No. Choose anyone of them and place in the Above field Where asked.[Save these codes anywhere Except in Your Smartphone as it will only help you to Trace your Device when Lost]
  •  Fill Up all the Requirements and send a copy of it to any contacts so that you can get it back easily under circumstance During Loss and can Forward it to
  • The Department takes around 24-48 hours to trace your Device

We can’t guarantee you that it will surely work for you but many Indian mobile users got back their device by mailing the required details to




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