Quick Heal Mobile Security




Due To Continuos Cracks and Hacks launch in The market to Crash a smartphones To Reduce the functioning Capacity Of a Smartphone there are a Number Of Viruses found and so to Stop these viruses Quick Heal Corporation has Launched QUICK HEAL MOBILE SECURITY


Virus Protection

  • Assured protection from all kinds of malware threats. Automatic real-time virus and spyware scans with optional manual scan. Gives you the flexibility to use your mobile device without interruptions while scans run in the background.

Call Blocking

  • This feature enables you to block unwanted calls by creating a 'Black List' of numbers.

SMS Blocking
  • With this feature you can silently block unwanted SMSs. It also scans and filters embedded links in messages.
SMS Spam Protection
  • Filter unwanted SMSs and block spam SMSs from unknown senders and easily configure Black list and White list.


  • Helps you track, lock or remotely render the mobile device useless in case of a loss or theft. You can also wipe selected data remotely by sending a predefined SMS.

Detailed reports

  • Get extensive reports for all the above features.



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